Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another day with Nancy

Nancy: "Do you see the rain?"
Ian: "Yes."
Nancy: "Give me a full sentence."
Ian: "Yes, I see the rain."

Ian gave dolly a kiss
Nancy: "Did you kiss your dolly?"
Ian: "Yes I kissed my dolly."

Ian: "You are wiping down table."

Ian noticed that Nancy was not wearing earrings.
Ian: "No earring."
Ian: "You have no earring."
Nancy: "Where is my earring?"
Ian: "In the pocket."

During a break when he was upset about something.
"Ian mad. I am mad."
"No YMCA, no swimming, no car, no Shayla class, nothing."
"Ian mad. All done. Not doing work. Not finish the work."
"No swimming party. No skating.
"Ian not happy."

Nancy: "What are you doing?"
Ian: "Standing on my bed."
Ian: "I am standing on my bed."

Ian: "I want bike."
Nancy: "Ian, can you ride a bike?"
Ian: "Yes."
Ian: "Yes, I can ride a bike."

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