Sunday, February 24, 2008

Phone calls

"Daddy is talking to his mummy and daddy."


"Hi, Phoebe. We're early."

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Numbers and letters

Nancy: "How do you spell doll?"

Ian: "D - O - 11 "

After I came back from the hairdresser

"Daddy. You had a haircut!"


Nancy: "What are you standing on?"

Ian: "On my shoes"

Nancy: "What else?"

Ian: "My feet"

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another day with Nancy

Nancy: "Do you see the rain?"
Ian: "Yes."
Nancy: "Give me a full sentence."
Ian: "Yes, I see the rain."

Ian gave dolly a kiss
Nancy: "Did you kiss your dolly?"
Ian: "Yes I kissed my dolly."

Ian: "You are wiping down table."

Ian noticed that Nancy was not wearing earrings.
Ian: "No earring."
Ian: "You have no earring."
Nancy: "Where is my earring?"
Ian: "In the pocket."

During a break when he was upset about something.
"Ian mad. I am mad."
"No YMCA, no swimming, no car, no Shayla class, nothing."
"Ian mad. All done. Not doing work. Not finish the work."
"No swimming party. No skating.
"Ian not happy."

Nancy: "What are you doing?"
Ian: "Standing on my bed."
Ian: "I am standing on my bed."

Ian: "I want bike."
Nancy: "Ian, can you ride a bike?"
Ian: "Yes."
Ian: "Yes, I can ride a bike."

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Picking up

Nancy: "Where did mommy go?"
Ian: "They go to pick up Emmi"
Nancy: "Give me a sentence"
Ian: "Mommy pick up Emmi"
Nancy corrected
Ian: "Mommy went to pick up Emmi"

Light or dark?

Nancy: "Is it like or dark outside?"
Ian: "Dark outside"
Nancy: "Give me a sentence"
Ian: "It's dark outside"


"May I have my dollie, please?"


Looking out the window at something:

Ian: "That's mine"
Nancy: "Ian, what is yours?"
Ian: "That one"
Nancy: "Oh! That one is yours?"
Ian: "Yes. That one is yours"
(Nancy corrected)
Ian: "That one is mine"

What letter does leaf start with?

The letter "L"

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What did you do?

"I put a sweater on dolly."

What did you write?

I wrote a letter "I"."

"What is the birdie doing?"

"He's eating the oranges."

A 15-minute barrage

After quite a few weeks where he was behaving very well, Ian decided, for whatever reason, that he would not be quite as cooperative in his work session with Nancy. So she decided to stop the session early. The following are the highlights from the next 15 minutes monologue as he described to himself what had happened:

"Nancy, call Mum again, not listening."
"You are not doing anything. I'm not listening properly."
"Now you work again. Did not finish the work."
"Not doing a good job. Not working no more."
"Nancy go outside. Nancy go home. Nancy go night-night." (sequence)
"No yogurt. No ice cream. No Shayla class. No french fries. No car. No grandpa. No OT. No make popcorn. No cracker."
"Ian not happy. Ian mad. Why? Ian is not happy."
"Not finish the work properly. Not good job listening."
"Work is all done."
"Clap, clap, all done."

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

While pulling it

"Nancy said don't pull it."